Dan Steneker

Dan Steneker


Mr. Daniel Steneker is a seasoned entrepreneur with extraordinary business skills developed over a lifetime of work in the technology, education, and business sectors. He established, advised and facilitated the creation and growth of technology and education companies since his early 20s. He is a technology entrepreneur with a significant amount of experience in developing electronically delivered education material.

Dan has always had an innate ability to “make things happen.”  In his 20s, he and Solution Software were awarded by IBM as one of the top IBM value-added dealers for IBM computer systems in North America. He was awarded the Prestigious Vancouver Forty under Forty Award for building a global maritime telecommunications company at the age of only 35. Dan went on to spend more than twenty years of his life developing and operating one of the biggest retraining organizations in the world, helping thousands of people with severe disabilities and displaced workers find new jobs. He’s also responsible for multiple patents in the technology industry and worked as head of the technology group to create the world’s most sophisticated technology for skill set analysis, establishing a patent application for visualization of this data in the process.

As CEO CE Technologies, Inc., Dan established the Disability Training Institute, retrained displaced workers in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and retrained people returning from war with serious injuries for the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs. During this time, CE Technologies built more than 80 job skill certification tracks and 1,200 standardized job profiles, retrained over 8,000 people for new jobs from Hurricane Katrina (more than any other organization accomplished during this time), operated 450 retraining centers with endorsements from leading universities and colleges, and grew to the largest retraining organization for older workers in the US with over 100,000 people processed each year. Additionally, under Dan’s guidance, CE Technologies and partnering institutions built a 125 person online education company.

Dan Steneker’s focus on providing quality education to underserved populations with advanced technology has allowed him to help disabled vets, disabled workers, and displaced workers just to name a few. Today, Dan continues to center his attention on the education sector with a focus on leveraging the advanced technology options available for both mobile and desktop course delivery. Under his guidance, Sierra Nevada Education was developed to provide education, job training and certifications, and to help people get trained to find jobs in both traditional and niche markets.