Allison Sweeney

Allison Sweeney


Allison Sweeney – Executive Vice President, Content Strategy & Interactive Experiences

Allison Sweeney graduated with an honors degree in Psychology from Toronto’s York University, she has a strong interest in why people do the things they do – what motivates them and what engages and connects them.

Allison’s career has taken her on a diverse path across several sectors including education, entertainment, and technology. The management of projects from concept through design to implementation is one Allison’s core strengths. Over the years, she has a developed a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in digital course development delivered via advanced mobile technology. She currently leads a team of creative and highly skilled individuals that develop and deliver the content that drives the Sierra Nevada Education course certification platform.

In her desire for ever-challenging projects, Allison has most recently turned her attention to projects that focus on developing engaging and interactive user experiences that involve game-based learning and testing. As the dynamics of human behavior and what drives those behaviors has been one of her ongoing passions, Allison has immersed herself in understanding the concepts of user engagement, social community in a digital world, and interactive learning strategies.