Sierra Nevada Education is a premier education provider delivering high-calibre certification courses with advanced technology.

The company’s catalog of courses covers a spectrum from essential job skills that employers say are fundamental for workplace success, to courses focused on professional career development, and educational courses customized for niche markets.

All of Sierra Nevada Education’s courses and certification programs are designed for mobile and desktop delivery giving individuals the options to pursue their educational objectives in the manner most convenient.

Meet the Executive Team

Dan Steneker

Mr. Daniel Steneker is a seasoned entrepreneur with extraordinary business skills developed over a lifetime of work in the technology, education, and business sectors. He established, advised and facilitated the creation and growth of technology and education companies since his early 20s. He is a technology entrepreneur with a significant amount of experience in developing electronically delivered education material.

Jason Sturtsman

A serial  entrepreneur  who  is  presently  an  owner  of  multiple  companies, a  business  consultant, a school psychologist, and previously a special education teacher. In the past decade in Nevada, he has had leadership positions in multiple non-profit organizations.  From 2015-2019, he was appointed to the Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee (ILAC), in charge of advising the Nevada Department of Taxation.

Allison Sweeney

Allison’s  career  has  taken  her  on  a  diverse path  across  several  sectors  including education and technology. She has developed a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in digital course development and is currently responsible for the content strategy that drives the Sierra Nevada Education course certification platform. Allison has most recently turned her attention to projects that focus on developing engaging and interactive user experiences.